Values in Good Corporate Governance

The Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT Duta Anggada Realty Tbk. are commited to fostering Good Corporate Governance compliance in its endeavor to be accountable to all shareholders and stakeholders as well as to protect the shareholders’ value.

In the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, the Company enforces Good Corporate Governance practices, which include :

  • Accountability
    The Company’s accountability principles are clearly set out by the regulatory authorities and are practiced to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. Conflict of interest transactions, if any, are reported in general meeting and shareholders’ approval are required for the transactions to proceed.

  • Responsibility
    Principles of financial, environmental and social responsibilities are practiced in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Permits are acquired in accordance to the rules and regulations and reporting to regulatory / monitoring authorities are done periodically, accurately and timely. Corporate social responsibility is undertaken periodically.

  • Independence
    Company management always upholds the principle of independence wherein care is exercised within the regulatory guidelines.

  • Fairness
    The principle of fairness is applied throughout divisions within the Company. All employees are given equal opportunities in both their careers and remuneration. Furthermore, we apply treatment of fair pricing to all customers. Shareholders and all other stakeholders are regarded with high esteem and rewarded fairly.

  • Transparency All relevant and material information including corporate action is reported to the public through the stock exchange. Additionally, all relevant and material information is published in the media in accordance to the applicable regulations. All financial statements, audited or unaudited, are published through the stock exchange and published media after the end of each in accordance to applicable regulations periodically and in a timely manner. The Company also provides investor information through various other channels including public expose, interviews and provision of information in the Company’s website.